About Prestige 3


Prestige 3 is more than just the name of our awesome clothing line, filled with tee shirts, hoodies, hats, and much more. It represents the unity and goals of three young men: Austin, Q, and Zy. We strive to become powerful, successful, and inspirational individuals. We want each and every person that wears P3 merchandise to carry that same chip on their shoulder, yet in a stylish fashion. When you purchase P3 Merch, you’re also symbolizing vision, growth, and opportunity,  All while looking good. 
Our mission statement is "It takes hard work and dedication, to get respect and admiration." We will live by this statement because we all believe that the hustle and grind is needed to be successful. We also believe that everyones grind shouldn't go unnoticed, Prestige 3 supports small businesses in every way possible because if we eat everyone deserves to eat.